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We Open New Markets For Your Business.

Digital Marketing Company

It’s time to open new markets for your business. Does your company need brand awareness? How about more traffic to your website? Do you have traffic, but no buyers of your product or service? We solve one, or all, of these problems.

We are Rosh Media (formally Image 3 Marketing), a Detroit-area firm and member of The Rosh Group, Inc. Our local and national focused clients come to us when they are ready to grow. We, in turn, open new markets for them. This is a strategy that we call market hacking.

Chances are, you found us because of the marketing that we do online and off. If you found us via a search engine, that’s because getting businesses found online by their target audience is one of many marketing functions that we perform well. We can help people find you, too.

Our Founder, Rosh Sillars, and his team have experience working with small businesses, large industrial concerns, billion-dollar corporations, and governmental organizations. Rosh has written books on marketing and photography that have been published by top houses, and sold internationally in major bookstores, and online. He has spoken extensively on the subjects of digital marketing and social media, and been paid to speak in venues as far away as Australia. He also has taught social media at the university level, and practiced what he preaches, developing his own top-flight digital marketing and social media companies.

Your Combination

Using proven digital marketing techniques, we find the combination that works best for your business. Our team uses search engine advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, targeted digital display ads, remarketing, email campaigns, focused landing pages, and the resources of The Rosh Group. If the needed combination includes a solution that does not exist, we create one. As an example, our rewiredweb.com, is an exceptional tool for public relations and short promotional campaigns. We like to refer to our core strategy as combination marketing. Let us find the right combination for you.

Awareness of your business. Traffic to your business. Business for your business.


Let’s talk marketing over a cup of coffee. We brew good java, and great ideas.
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How To Find The Right Marketing Company


If marketing can be viewed as a game, then victory in it requires strategic thought, patience, foresight, and persistence. It also may be necessary to have, in the form of an outside firm, a playing partner who possesses these, and many other, attributes.

We recommend that you work with a group that employs a consultative approach, and that has a track record of success for its clients. People who know how to create, test, tweak, launch, and manage fruitful digital marketing campaigns. Initiatives that make you look good, and add to your bottom line. People who can do these things because they have done these things.

Your marketing team should be able to explain its plan clearly, regardless of the level of complexity. Those with whom you decide to work should be willing, and able, to explain to you what they are doing. They should be happy to do so more than once, and to more than one person in your company, if necessary.


Do you want to develop more awareness of your brand? Drive more traffic to your website? Convert that traffic into customers? Some businesses identify their marketing goals, but many do not. Wherever you are in that process, using our consultative approach, we work with you to determine objectives, devise a sound plan to achieve the desired results, and then execute that plan.

Consider this: you may provide an astoundingly great product or service, but if people are not aware of it, they cannot buy it. Furthermore, if they do not understand your message, they will not share it with others who also could become customers.

MANY happy returns

Return on investment (ROI) is an important consideration; you need to know what it will take for your marketing investment to return a profit. This is why our website features marketing calculators, designed to give you the exact amount of how much you will have to spend to get your desired results. No guess-work. No hoping. Just the bottom line.

It is important for your marketing team to understand your costs and margins so they can develop a plan using the tools that will generate the most bang for your buck. Just as important as knowing what to do, is understanding whether a budget would, or would not, deliver the desired marketing results.

Consulting Services

If your current profit margins do not support hiring an outside marketing team to perform all kinds of work, then you may, at least, want to consider contracting for consulting services. When budgets are tight, hiring consultants to help your team members do the job is a cost-effective alternative.

The current SEO and social media environments reward sites that feature high amounts of written content. Working from that premise, the bad news is that a productive SEO campaign (i.e., one that generates money for you) is labor-intensive, and requires the participation of skilled and knowledgeable writers. Hence, it will not be cheap. However, the good news is that a well-run campaign will bring you prospects who otherwise would not have found you, and who are far more likely to buy from you. So, whether you hire a professional team, or do it in-house, if you depend on finding new clients on-line, ongoing SEO is mandatory, and participation in social media is a must.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) consulting is available to those who wish to develop a profitable digital marketing sales funnel in-house. PPC advertising can be used on the continuously growing number of search engine and social media platforms, including: Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. If you don’t have a team member dedicated to learning and keeping up with the best practices of PPC, we recommend hiring an outside team.

Rosh Media consulting services include optional workshops for larger groups within your company. If you are interested in a custom workshop on the digital marketing services we offer, please contact us.

Combination Marketing

Rosh Media practices what we call combination marketing. Marketing is more effective when combined with multiple supporting platforms and techniques. A good example is using Facebook Audiences. Facebook Audiences allows you to upload your email list and target advertise specifically to those people on your email and friend lists. Combining this service with your email campaign increases the reach and retention of your message. This is just one of many possible combinations available to grow your business. It is important to test options and let the data show your marketing team the right direction.

Practicing combination marketing means our company doesn’t try to provide one service to fit all companies. We understand the power of the right combination of marketing tools. We have the experience to know where to start and develop the right combination to drive more opportunity to your business.

Visual Marketing

One thing is for sure: in our visually-oriented consumer culture, compelling images play a major role in the marketing of products and services. This is why we emphasize using components such as photography, video, illustration, and animation. Images attract attention, set a mood, and tell a story. In other words, images sell.

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