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Your company website is the most important tool in your digital marketing tool box. Rosh Media is a creative, Detroit Michigan based, web marketing and website design agency. We go beyond creating a great website for your business. Our marketing team helps you create brand awareness, drive new traffic and sell more products and services.You can spend a lot of time, money and resources driving traffic to your website. Yet, if you don’t have a website that impresses your prospects, offers the best information and answers — visitors will not convert. Your website is a marketing tool. The goal of a website is to create conversions. A conversion is anything you wish it to be, such as, a download, submit an email or purchase a product.

It’s important to have a team who is thinking about your website after it’s launched. Great design is wonderful, yet fails if no one sees it. A poor designed website fails because your prospects don’t trust it or care to use it. You may notice that the Rosh Media site focuses mostly on education. Some of our clients need a design focus approach to their websites, others need special functions and coding. However, for our website marketing efforts, content development is key. So, yes, we try to look great¬†for our guests. Still, most of our web efforts are on finding well-informed prospects, like you.

This web page and others on this website are designed to help educate you and your team members. There is more information below about the cost and process of business website creation. Although our web design and marketing team is based in Detroit, we serve clients nation-wide. We use excellent project management systems to keep you informed of the progress of your website. Good project management is a key to successful website development.

It’s important to understand, an effective website is well designed with your marketing plan and brand in mind. It’s easy to use and offers your prospects what they are looking for at first glance. Take a moment to review some of our web design projects below and fill out the contact form so we can meet in person or offer an estimate for your website.



You have many options when it comes to developing a company website. Many of your options include cheap or free websites. If you need a website with five or less basic pages, then a free option might work for you. However, the keyword is work. Your time is valuable, yet, if you have the time to put into the research, selecting the right theme, make code or option adjustments, develop excellent content such as text, photos and videos, and have a good marketing sense. Creating your own website may be a winning option.The truth is you get what you pay for with website design and development. If you are looking for a highly functional, educational, cutting edge website, with great features; you will likely need to hire a professional web designer and marketer.

Professional web designers consider the power of good design, beautiful imagery, engaging text and how your website is used as a marketing tool. What is the goal of your website? Do you want to standout. If you want to stand out you many not want to use generic templates, design and imagery provided by the free or cheap resources.

Web development is a team effort. Your opinion counts. A big advantage web companies, like Rosh Media, have are resources for all the elements needed to create an excellent website. We work with our in-house team and local service providers to enlist the right talent for each client. We work with our clients to understand their company, brand and goals; all important elements for successful website development.

Pricing Websites

When you hire a professional, the rate depends on the skill of the team, number of pages and functionality of the website. Functionality often involved research and custom coding. A basic website under five pages can cost less than $1500. A more complex website with high design, custom tools, and a lot of pages can cost $50,000. Below is a link to our website pricing page. Answer the questions the best you can and the tool gives you a website design and development estimate.

The first question on the website tool is to select point fee. At Rosh Media we generally use a point fee rate of 20-30 depending on internal factors related to the project.

Link: Web Pricing Calculator